When the In-Laws Visit

154. Poker Face
158. When Your Asian Guy Fights for His Muscle Car Instead
166. Night Terrors: In-Law Visit Part II
167. Cuppa Trouble: In-Law Visit Part III
172. Morning with My In-Laws: In-Law Visit Part IV
173. A Tale of Two Immigrants
174. Rules for Shopping with Your Chinese-American In-laws
176. Pets Versus Dinner
177. Doggone In-Laws
178. We Are Not Water on the Floor
179. Hostess with the Mostess…Dysfunction
180. Lucky
181. When the Cavalry Sucks
184. But Can You Do the Math?
185. Winner, Winner Olive Dinner

Round II

238. They’re Coming
239. Sex, Sorrow, and Costco
240. Houseguest vs. Hostess
241. Snapped

Round III

309. A Sunny Visit