Where to Start?

Meeting the Chinese Family
Hawaiian Vacation
That’s Entertainment
Stories of Cats…and Dogs
Life in Los Angeles
On Money: White & Wong
On Dating, Interracial & Otherwise
West & East Engaged
Meet the Big, White, Uptight Family
Wedding Preparations for West & East
Wedding Week
The Wedding of West & East
The Politics of West & East
What Happened Once West & East Were Wed
East & West in the Kitchen
East Meets Western Seasonal Celebrations (and Gags)
West Collides with Chinese Celebrations
Dancing & Ice Dancing
Posts on Books, Rants on History
Joys of the Western Legal System
West & East on the Road (Travel Posts)
What Happens When Your In-Laws Invade?
A Question of Procreation
Harsh Reality of Pregnancy
West & East Attempt to Parent
West & East & COVID-19

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