Death to Juror Number Twelve (#122)

‘Twas the week before Christmas
And all through the courts
Eleven angry jurors
Were no longer good sports.

The evidence was lame
The man should be freed
Self-defense was enough
What more could anyone need?

But Juror Twelve disagreed.
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Juror Number Twelve (#121)


Said Juror Number One
“Not Guilty, are we done?”

Said Juror Number Two
“Juror One, I’m with you.”

Said Jurors Six to Three
“We completely agree.”

From Juror Number Seven
All concurred through Eleven.

And then there was Juror Twelve.
That Sonuvabitch. Continue reading Juror Number Twelve (#121)

When You Listen to Lawyers (#120)

IMG_6583After serving on two excruciating civil juries, I got lucky. I reported for jury duty twice and never left the jury room. I was dismissed from service at the end of the day. Both times.

There was great rejoicing. Continue reading When You Listen to Lawyers (#120)

Jury The First (#118)

IMG_6422I heard people bitch and moan about jury duty my entire life:

“You have to drive all the way downtown! In rush hour!”

“Three months on a capital case! Sequestered. Ended in the jury hung and me damned near divorced!”

“You know what’s crazy? Entrusting your life to twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty!” Continue reading Jury The First (#118)