Gossip Gets a Bad Rap (#182)

Back in college, if I found a guy interesting, I asked around until I found someone who knew him well. (This was back before social media enabled anonymous stalking, youngsters. Back then, we had to have actual conversations.) Once I found a reference, they usually enjoyed sharing their expert opinions on my potential love interest.

“Well, if you like D&D, you might have a shot.”

“If you like open relationships, you might have a shot.”

“If you have a yacht, you might have a shot.” Continue reading Gossip Gets a Bad Rap (#182)

Flipping Crazy (#84)


No, despite the title, this not a post about my in-laws. It’s a cautionary tale about what not to do at high speeds while you are in a car. (I bet half of you suddenly thought of something nasty. Admit it.) Because I want any readers visiting from Big Asian Package’s blog to finish the story, I’m not going to tell you if you thought right. Not just yet. Continue reading Flipping Crazy (#84)

The Case for Glee & Glitter (#61)

The Supreme Court of the United States. (Glitter upgrade courtesy of Anne Helen Petersen.)

I am not getting a damned thing done today. Neither is anyone else in Los Angeles. Maybe the entire country. Facebook is more red and pink than blue. Twitter, for once, has joyfully buried its trolls in landslide of rainbow-colored glitter. When the head of a troll pops up, GIFs of Ruth Bader Ginsberg smack the crap out of it with Corinthian pillars (rainbow-colored, of course). Continue reading The Case for Glee & Glitter (#61)