Andy Goes to Utah (#40)


Once my father moved to Utah, he was the only relative within driving distance. After a few years and a lot of therapy, I actually made the trip. Continue reading Andy Goes to Utah (#40)

Andy Drives a Hard Bargain (#35)

So…what is the difference between a payment and a gift?

When I met my Chinese-American fiancé, he already had a nice little townhouse near the beach in Los Angeles. He had a very nice muscle car. He’d clearly spent a lot of money on dance lessons.  After I met him, he spent even more money on dancing. He gave me expensive presents, including a platinum and diamond engagement ring. Until I met his parents, I had no idea he came from an exceptionally frugal family. Continue reading Andy Drives a Hard Bargain (#35)

Top 8 Reasons Why Top 10 Reasons Are Crap (#34)

Just one of Andy's grooming baskets.
Just one of Andy’s grooming baskets.

There are multiple “Top 10” lists currently floating around the internet about Asian Guys. Many of them — naturally — cite more than 10 reasons for dating an Asian male.   Continue reading Top 8 Reasons Why Top 10 Reasons Are Crap (#34)

Possessions With a Past (#30)

When your new boyfriend finds stuff you got from your old boyfriends...
When your new boyfriend finds stuff you got from your old boyfriends…

I had many boyfriends before I met my Chinese-American boyfriend Andy. It’s not a secret, especially not to Andy. We’d been friends for a year before we dated, and dance partners for six months before we kissed. At practice, he’d listen to me moan about my then-relationship’s death spiral into misery. He saw multiple exes on the dance floor as well. None of it seemed to bother him. Or so I thought. Continue reading Possessions With a Past (#30)

Text. Subtext. (#20)


It’s 5:45 PM on Friday when I get a message from Andy.

The text reads: Why don’t you come down to my place this weekend?

And then there’s the subtext: Please don’t make me take the 405 to the 101 to the 134 two weekends in a row. Continue reading Text. Subtext. (#20)