13 thoughts on “Daughter-in-law The First, Daughter-in-law The Worst (#310)”

  1. You’re DEFINITELY the best DIL. Driving up the the Bay Area wasn’t doable. Besides, you might have been subjected to Goggle food.

  2. I’m super curious about what the Goggle food consisted of… was it tacos? Casserole? Was it always the same thing every night?

  3. Awwww! This is like a warming Christmas story, but without Christmas!
    Sometimes we complain of the people we are closer to, not because they are worse than others, but simply because we spend more time together and have more time and things to find fault in…

    I ate at Google Madrid once. I thought it was amazing, hahaha. If I worked there I would get so fat…

    1. It is definitely true that the longer you spend with someone, the more they are likely to get on your nerves. I know two engaged couples who split up during the Pandemic instead of getting married. I am sure there are millions!

      Maybe Google Madrid doesn’t use Aramark?

      1. HAHAHA omg Autumn my company uses Aramark and it SUCKS!! It’s the most overpriced sh*t ever — I would literally cringe when I had to place a company order for a $100 meat and cheese plate that probably cost $10 at the local grocery store. You made my day with this comment.

        1. Glad I made you laugh. Aramark is notorious for bad food, health and sanitation violations, overcharging, smuggling into prisons, and being awful to their employees. etc. They’ve been fined millions, but they make billions, so the incentive to improve is nonexistent.

  4. Autumn! This post made me literally go ‘awwww’ out loud. You are such a sweet DIL to save Sunny. I’m really shocked at how ungrateful the other DIL was, criticizing her despite the free childcare! And 10 bucks says at least one of the other DILs kids will go into rebellion phase and refuse to speak Mandarin lol.

    I’m glad Sunny was able to relax with your family and regain her sanity. So nice!

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