Easter Won’t Be Easter Without Any See’s Candies (#283)

See’s Candies at Christmas time.

When I moved to California, I discovered See’s Candies. I got really pissed that I’d been stuck with Whitman’s Samplers all my life. I also gained about ten pounds (they give out free samples).

It’s probably not a coincidence that we bought a house a few miles from their outlet shop. Our son also grew to love See’s Candies, and the sales people there grew to love him. Every holiday had some See’s, whether it was a chocolate Santa in his stocking or green shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day.

Due to COVID-19, See’s closed for the first time since World War II in March.

There was much mourning in our household, especially as Easter approached.

This morning, my husband and son found these:

Baby D: “Yes! Giant Chocolate See’s Easter Bunny!”

Andy: “But…how?”

Baby D: “Who cares?! He even brought YOU a See’s bunny.” Baby D scurried off to squirrel away as much chocolate as possible before parents could confiscate it and dole it out as dessert over an interminable period of weeks.

Andy: “How did…”

Me: “The Easter Bunny understands pandemics better than the Trump Administration. Also a way better planner.”

Andy: “You didn’t have to get me an chocolate Easter bunny—”

Me: “Some bunny loves you. Eat your rabbit.”

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16 thoughts on “Easter Won’t Be Easter Without Any See’s Candies (#283)”

  1. Free samples from See’s were a childhood rite of passage. And…OK…an adult rite of passage, too. I can’t wait until it’s chocolate-business-as-usual again!

  2. Way at the beginning I ordered an extra 4 cases of my cat’s beloved cat food. (I have 4 cats. A case lasts a week.) It was a good move as my normal shipments are delayed up to 10 days. Now I’m thinking I should have gotten extra chocolate. I had a lot and I don’t eat more than a piece a day but it’s necessary for my sanity. If I run out, I’ll be the person in the newspaper picture running down the street with a cleaver in her hand.

    1. Probably the only reason I got See’s so far in advance was because See’s outlet is right next to the pet shop that carries the dog’s special order bison and sweet potato food and I was picking up the second gigantic bag. 🙂 Baby D owes the dog.

  3. I panicked and ordered online when I realized we were about to shelter in place. My husband yells to the girls after looking at bank account
    “I can’t believe Mom ordered $80 in candy from See’s” I come home to their query. I’m gonna start introducing him as my first husband.

  4. Good for you for thinking ahead. I’ve long been a fan of Sees. My brother-in-law, who lives in the San Francisco area and who knows I like candy, started sending it to me probably about 30 years ago, maybe more. We’ve had stores here in the Seattle area for a long time too.

    This past month, when I complained to my daughters about Sees shutting down, they sent me some other really nice specialty chocolates, the kind you never buy for yourself because they’re too expensive.

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