An Anti-Valentine for America (#175)

The roses are blackened
The violets are dead
Your liver is poisoned
By sugar and bread.

The news is disheartening
An Orange Cretin is King
Republicans gloat
And won’t do a damned thing.

Meanwhile ice melts
Mosquitos start swarming
Forget your poor liver
Here comes global warming.

We’ll most likely drown
Unless Trump gets offended
When Vlad laughs at his stooge
And the world’s suddenly ended.


So, um, Happy Valentine’s Day, America! If you were looking for a post more prosey and less depressing, try this one: Black Valentine.

Not sure you’re up for it? Sneak peak below.

About three years before I met Andy, it was A Very Bad Year for Dating. My boyfriends were:

The Cheater

The Emotionally Abusive Dude

The Broody, Moody, Emotionally Unavailable Dude

Sometimes, you just have years like that.

Five days before Valentine’s Day, Broody Moody and I went dancing at our usual spot. We knew lots of people, we danced with our friends, and then I looked up. Mr. Emotionally Unavailable was no longer physically available. He’d disappeared, without a word. I hunted around the club. No sign of Broody Moody. No call, no text, no wave good-bye. Just “poof.” 

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7 thoughts on “An Anti-Valentine for America (#175)”

  1. How romantic!!

    What about your valentine’s with Andy? Even though you may not celebrate it, surely you had a bit of romance together?

    1. Well, it’s still early for us, but he did give me a lovely red, puffy, heart-shaped box of chocolates. And a funny card. I think he’s making dinner tonight, but that’s every night. What about you?

  2. I didn’t know you wrote poetry. Very good and a message we all need to hear. Hope it was a good Valentine’s for you and Andy, and that Andy pushed all the right buttons. The chocolate he gave you is a lovely gesture, and I hope they tasted as good as they looked.

    1. It’s a huge compliment if you’re going to call that doggerel poetry, Mabel! I was thinking rhyme, tops.

      Andy always gives me a the big puffy heart. I’m a huge sucker for it. What about you? Any Valentine’s excitement?

      1. Andy is a keeper and I think he knows it…LOL. It has been very busy at work and I have been working very hard so no Valentine’s excitement. All week I’m finishing late and later. But my job is really showing me a lot of love 😉

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