11 thoughts on “You Don’t Get a Goddamned Cookie (#171)”

  1. I don’t get a cookie either, but I did read an interesting blog post about the importance of intersectionality. When I have access to the link, I’ll post it here.

  2. Kudos for making the journey, and the point. It seems folks are lax in the area of social awareness and responsibility, not to mention the WTF presidential choice. <>

  3. Very well articulated. No one of us deserves a cookie, and shouldn’t live for rewards – but for equality. The whiny mums whinging sounds annoying – of course they made a choice and then to whine about where they are, it just shows they are self-centred.

    Those of us who haven’t experienced racism are privileged, but that does not entitle them to be know-it-alls or to have a voice that’s louder than others.

    1. I’d agree, but I’ve seen too many white men act like know-it-alls toward women and people of color. I think it’s time for them to stop talking and merely amplify the voices of those without privilege.

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