Something Red (#72)

Most of what I knew about China before Jocelyn Eikenburg came from these books.
Most of what I knew about China before Jocelyn Eikenburg came from these books.

Months of flattery have finally paid off! Jocelyn Eikenburg, creator of the “HUGE” (properly said with Trumpian accent) Speaking of China website, finally begged me to write a guest post for her!

I told her no. Well, sort of.  “I’m so honored, but I’ve never been to China,” I whined. “I’m not Chinese! Almost everything I’ve learned about modern China has been through your website, or one of the blogs you recommended! I’ve got nothing.”

Jocelyn is tenacious, though. She wrote out a list of ideas. She offered to help me brainstorm. She may also have pointed out that When West Dates East gets lots of traffic from her “List of Blogs I Like,” and that said traffic consists of nice, reliable readers and not crazy racist trolls. Jocelyn is right about that, just like she’s right about the wisdom of telling your Chinese in-laws “soon,” every time they ask when you’re going to give them a grandchild. Arguing with Jocelyn is stupid. I mean, The Wall Street Journal and Huff Post call on Jocelyn when they need expertise on relationships in China.

So I agreed to write a post, despite entertaining dark and morbid theories about Jocelyn’s motivation at 3 AM — you know, like perhaps her base of readers demand stories of clueless American women making fools of themselves. (Don’t judge. Everything is believable at 3 AM. Actually, me making a fool out of myself is believable at 3 PM.)

If you want to check out my guest post, A Little Something Red for My Chinese Groom is now over at Speaking of China.

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Okay, fine, here’s a teaser:

A Little Something Red for my Chinese Groom 

Like most brides, I got more than a few pieces of sexy lingerie at my bridal shower. Mesh merry widows, sheer nightgowns, several garters with blue, and even a red silk thong. 

Now, I have never been a supporter of the thong. Nope. My politics are liberal, but my clothing is conservative. While I currently live in fashion forward, underwear-optional Los Angeles, I remain the Grand Champion of Excess Fabric.

Seriously, if you want the rest, you’re gonna have to click here!


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  1. Autumn, this post about me (and how you came to get on my blog) had me all in smiles (and laughing out loud)! It was truly an honor to feature your writing on my site, seriously. You’re a gifted writer.

  2. Okay, I’m off to read your guest post. Congrats and all that warm stuff 😉 I’m sure it’s great. If not, let’s pretend this didn’t happen… 😛

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