Baby Siblings From Hell (#42)

When your siblings are little stinkers...
When your siblings are little stinkers…

The first time I got mistaken for the mother of one of my baby siblings, I was thirteen. I had taken Gorgeous Little Singing Sister (who at that time was more like Screaming Demon Sister) to the park with Baby Brother. Continue reading Baby Siblings From Hell (#42)

The Daughters of the Groom (#41)


When I was younger, I found Steve Martin’s remake of Father of the Bride ludicrous. Not just the film (though the plot was cheesy and contrived), but the idea. It was outdated. Who was attending the weddings when I was growing up?  Me, and the rest of the couple’s children. A modern, fresh comedy would be Daughters of the Groom.  Continue reading The Daughters of the Groom (#41)

Andy Goes to Utah (#40)


Once my father moved to Utah, he was the only relative within driving distance. After a few years and a lot of therapy, I actually made the trip. Continue reading Andy Goes to Utah (#40)

White Assholes (#39)

DSC_0148-2 copyOne of my favorite shows is So You Think You Can Dance. The choreography is incredible, and the level of talent among the finalists is outstanding. The one thing I hate? The auditions. Continue reading White Assholes (#39)

Invitation to Disaster (#38)


The wedding invitation designer put her head in her hands.

“You can do it,” I told her encouragingly. “I’m sure you can find some way to fit them all in.” Continue reading Invitation to Disaster (#38)

If Four Were Eight (#37)


The whole bridesmaid issue is a bitch when you’ve got a lot of sisters. I had two ex-stepsisters, one stepsister, three half-sisters, and two regular sisters. Continue reading If Four Were Eight (#37)

Dresses (#36)


When I went shopping for a wedding dress, I took my girlfriends JM and KL.

You might be wondering why I took my friends instead of my mom. Continue reading Dresses (#36)

Andy Drives a Hard Bargain (#35)

So…what is the difference between a payment and a gift?

When I met my Chinese-American fiancé, he already had a nice little townhouse near the beach in Los Angeles. He had a very nice muscle car. He’d clearly spent a lot of money on dance lessons.  After I met him, he spent even more money on dancing. He gave me expensive presents, including a platinum and diamond engagement ring. Until I met his parents, I had no idea he came from an exceptionally frugal family. Continue reading Andy Drives a Hard Bargain (#35)

Top 8 Reasons Why Top 10 Reasons Are Crap (#34)

Just one of Andy's grooming baskets.
Just one of Andy’s grooming baskets.

There are multiple “Top 10” lists currently floating around the internet about Asian Guys. Many of them — naturally — cite more than 10 reasons for dating an Asian male.   Continue reading Top 8 Reasons Why Top 10 Reasons Are Crap (#34)

Badge of Shame (#33)


My Chinese-American boyfriend’s birthday came less than a month after we started dating. I got him a polo shirt, carefully cut off the tags, and wrapped it up in tissue paper. Andy opened it, thanked me, and sat in expectant silence. Continue reading Badge of Shame (#33)