Other Unicorns

Here are some other AMWF/ AMBF bloggers. I’ve listed them alphabetically, because if I listed them in order of importance, some one important would get mad.

Behind the Story: Bow down before Nicki Chen — she’s the original unicorn, married in the sixties to Eugene Chen. Nicki blogs about everything from writing to art to being an expat in Vanuatu. Her book Tiger Tail Soup was just translated into Mandarin!

Betty Has a Panda: Betty is an Austrian — not to be confused with Australian, people, look at a damned map — engaged to Mr. Panda from Hong Kong. Betty also won’t put up with your shit — don’t ask to come to her wedding with your obnoxious cousin.

Chocolate Chick in China: Amber teaches in China. She’s also dated there, no easy feat for a black American woman. Because people are racist everywhere.

Diaries of a Yangxifu: Sarah’s been living in China for a decade, but just made the move to Beijing. She loves her Chinese husband, but is smart enough to ignore him when he starts in on Why She Should Not Drink Cold Things.

Ember Swift: Ember is an amazing singer/ songwriter. She’s also lesbian from Canada who married a Chinese man. Yeah, you heard me. Deal with the non-binary society, people.

Foreign Sanctuary: Constance is a writer/ photographer from Canada, now living in Taiwan. She’s also married and expecting her first child. She takes amazing photographs and I steal them for my blog.

Globe Trotting Adventurer: Haley and Phil lived in Hong Kong till they moved to the Netherlands, but the world is their playground. Christmas Market in Germany? Check. Want to go off the beaten track in Xi’an? Check. Sea kayaking? Check! So check them out (ha, ha)!

The Good Shufu: Tracy left a successful career in Academia to become a housewife in Japan. She even wrote a book about it that sold better than stupid Donald Trump’s book*. Go, Tracy!

Learning to Love Anywhere: Monica started off her Asian tour in Japan, but now lives in Korea with her new Korean husband. You can check out everything from teaching in Japan to having a traditional wedding in Korea on her blog. (If you read her pet posts, have a tissue ready.)

Linda Goes East: Linda the Prolific started in China and wound up with her Korean man in Korea. She’s got blogs on everything from shopping in China to the DMZ in Korea.

Living a Dream in China: Sara is from Finland, but now lives in China with her husband and baby. She blogs about everything from culture shock to finding an ayi to finishing her master’s thesis.

Marta Lives in China: Marta is from Spain. She writes about life with her Chinese boyfriend, Chinese TV shows, culture shock, and her chubby golden retriever. She and her husband were recently profiled in a magazine, but she still talks to us mortals.

My Hong Kong Husband: Lina is from Poland, her husband is from Hong Kong, and her Mother-in-Law is from hell. Lina blogs about all of them!

My Husband Is Asian: Shasha is a black woman married to a Chinese-American man. She blogs about Asian men, pop culture, and why we need diverse books.

Notes of Nomads: Jessica’s Australian (no, not Austrian, again, consult your damned map, people) and Hai is Vietnamese-Australian, and they go everywhere. Seriously. They’ve done everything from the wife-carrying competition in Finland to grinding cinnamon in Sri Lanka.

Rosie in BJ: Rosie was an American in Beijing, but now she and her family are back in the States. And she’s got some stories. Like the time in China her husband got chased by a racist with a machete because he was with a white woman. (Luckily, Rosie’s husband is fast.)

The Ruby Ronin: Mary lived in China AND Japan. She speaks both languages and has hilarious stories about dating Asian men in both countries.

Speaking of China: Jocelyn’s been blogging forever and is a veritable font of cultural information. You should read her website — not mine — if you want advice on dealing with your Chinese in-laws. If I had read her website before meeting Andy’s parents, well, my life would be easier. Although my stories wouldn’t be as funny.

Talking of Chinese: Chi is an Australian (which, for the last time, is not the same as Austrian) with a boyfriend born in China. She started learning Mandarin to speak with his parents, but continued for herself. Chi is hardcore about all things Asian, down to making her own Boba tea.

Texan in Tokyo: Grace is an American blogger, writer, and comic book creator living with her Japanese husband in Japan. She’s also my Kickstarter/ self publishing hero.

Okay, who did I miss? Don’t be shy. You can tell me in the comments. It’s like a quiz and you’ll get a gold star.

*In Japan. For a while.

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        1. No need to feel cheeky! Like I said, I knew I would forget people. Which is kind of nice. Eventually I’ll ask everyone for pictures and retire the unicorn metaphor, though. Progress!

          1. Unicorns are cool. Especially those who kayak, climb and scuba dive 🙂 Love your description.

            If you do one day want to have a picture (with an autograph on), let me know 🙂

    1. Interesting point. I wonder if she feels more white or more Vietnamese? Either way, I’m going to err on the side of inclusivity. 🙂 Also, I see more and more AMWF couples. Gonna have to change my home page.

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